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About Me

My name is Elizabeth Weissenstein and I am a music teacher in Matakatia on the beautiful Whangaparaoa Peninsula north of Auckland.

My musical training has involved over 15 years of lessons, including two years at university under the guidance of well-known New Zealand pianists.

I completed a Bachelor of Music at Canterbury University in 1989, majoring in composition. While at university I also became involved in writing music for theatre productions, particularly for Greek drama produced by the Classics department.

I began teaching piano in Christchurch at age 17 by taking on students when my teacher retired. Since that time I have taught many students, both in New Zealand and overseas. I particularly enjoy teaching children and have two daughters of my own who are also interested in music.

I believe in teaching students not just to memorise but to really learn to read music. My aim is to become superfluous - students will learn to read notes so well that they can play any piece of music they choose without my help!

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