Most of my students follow a recognised exam syllabus, either Trinity College or ABRSM, but taking official exams isn't compulsory - some students choose to take an "in-studio exam" instead.

I was very fortunate to be able to hold an official Trinity College exam session in my studio last year. The students felt very comfortable being able to take their exam in a familiar environment.

Congratulations to these students who passed official practical exams in 2014:

Initial: Edie Franks, Georgie, Mackenzie, Shilo

Grade 1: Brodie Cruse, Kate Le Lievre, Marie Kern (distinction), Oliver Bennett, Rose, Sophia Weissenstein (distinction), Zara Weissenstein (disctinction)

Grade 4: Sam

And congratulations also to these students who in my opinion have attained the Initial level in an "in-studio exam": Bene, Clare, Levi Williams, Max

2015 update: Congratulations to Josh and Zara, who gained distinction in grade 2 theory in June, and to Zara who gained distinction in grade 2 practical in August.